RevelGlam helps brands and retailers predict style trends and gauge customer demand with software that leverages image recognition technology, consumer analytics, and cognitive computing.



Real-time A/B testing of celebrity, runway, and influencer fashions with an international audience of consumers




  • Proprietary widgets study consumer behavior and collect preferences from editorial partners

  • Celebrity & entertainment photos and video from in-house archive and exclusive photographer network

  • Image recognition matches styles to existing, shoppable products

“Our platform creates a new layer of value from celebrity and event photography. With a smart analysis of today’s trendsetters, you can build the business of tomorrow”
- Steve Eichner, Co-founder of RevelGlam and Veteran Fashion & Celebrity Photographer

About RevelGlam

RevelGlam helps designers, retailers, and fashion industry professionals stay ahead of trends with an artificially-intelligent edge over competition. With 30 years of experience in fashion, editorial, and celebrity, equal accomplishment in software development, an archive of 2 million+ fashion and celebrity photos, an exclusive network of photographers, and analytics from an array of consumer touchpoints, our style-forecasting solution tailors machine learning and big data to the needs of the fashion industry. 


The Team


Steve Eichner

Built the first online photo agency in the USA. Sold Industry expert fashion & celebrity photographer.


Daniela Kirsch

Full Stack Web Developer Founder of HelloPlugin. Worked for MTV, Axel Springer, Hugo Boss, Mercedes Benz and adidas.


Mike Hartley

Founder of ZOOZOOM Online Glossy, Multiple Fashion Webby & Adobe Site of The Day winner. Founder of web design.


Jonas Gustavsson

Runway photographer traveling the world to shoot fashion shows for the big fashion houses.


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